5/16/15 – My (semi) drunken state reveals my sober desires

In this kind of drunken state, all I can think about is him.
I feel like texting him and asking him to stay the night.
I fucking want him. Like for real.
Why him? Fucking him. Why? Why? Why?
I feel like doing something spontaneous.


I’m not as strong as I may lead myself on to be.

Yes, I know this update is long overdue. A quick recap on what has been going on:

  • I had major surgery.
  • I (briefly) let him back into my life.
  • I moved out of my parents’ house.

So, yes, a lot has been going on. However, there’s no excuse for┬áneglecting my feelings. I should continue to acknowledge them through writing. Right now, it’s my best outlet.

Moving on: I’d like to keep this blog regularly updated. Weekly posts, maybe? Perhaps. More importantly, though, I just need to continue expressing how I feel through writing.