Hey my loves. I have so much on my mind as per usual but I’ve decided to focus on just one topic for today, and that’s motherhood.

As a transgender woman, motherhood seems unattainable for so many reasons, yet I’m kinda obsessed with it. Oftentimes I’ll reflect on what I’d like my future to look like and motherhood is frequently in the picture.

But, these thoughts often leave me depressed for a few reasons. As a transgender woman, I’m unable to experience pregnancy and all of the experiences that come with physically brining a life into this world. This makes me feel so inadequate to cis women. Also, in my experience, not being able to conceive tends to be a dealbreaker when it comes to dating cis men. This hurts, but hey that’s life, right? You win some, you lose some. Anyway, this usually leaves me with men that are mainly interested in only having a sexual relationship with me. More on that in another post.

To continue, adoption is certainly an option and one I’ll most likely choose when the time comes. I have so much love to give and I know I’ll make a good mother someday.