Visual dreams

What do dreams mean to you? I keep having very visual dreams about my life and I’m really not sure what to think of them.

Below is an example of a dream I had recently. Would anyone be able to help me interpret this dream?

I had a very visual dream about him again.

I’m not completely sure how it all started, but I was chasing him down the streets of NYC to a restaurant that was hosting some sort of party that charged $1 admission fee to get in. I remember wanting to say that I wanted to see one of the employees but ended up paying the entrance fee anyway. Only thing was when I got in, it was as if I worked there. I was kind of lead into a dead end – either I could change and get ready for my shift, walk around where the employees and managers were waiting, or leave. That was it. No entrance to the actual restaurant from that area. Funny thing is that 3 of my roommates also worked there but were leaving. It seems as though I decided to stay.

Anyway, during the dream, I would see pictures of him via some social media platform. One was of him just sitting in a park with a baby carriage/shopping cart looking thingy with a small grey puppy in it. I remember my heart dropped when I saw it because I thought he had a baby.

There was this recurring theme of me “trying to figure him out” and also needing closure. I’m not sure how I knew this (I think either there were flashbacks of him saying this or something), but he kept saying or I was picturing him saying something about not feeling safe with his dad. I remember wanting to confront him with this newly found info and wanted him to know that I support him no matter what.

I never did make it to him in the dream, but I woke up with a strong urge to reach out to him and say something along the lines of “he doesn’t need to pretend with me”, to cut the bullshit and be honest for once. Let down your fucking wall.

And that’s that

Is there a deeper meaning to this dream that I’m missing?